Is A Root Canal Right For You?

20 December 2018
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If you have a cavity that has been filled before and possibly more than once, it may be time to do something about that tooth. Your dentist is the best one to make the decision on what you should do to your tooth. He may even give you alternative options. If you aren't sure what you should do, read on for some information that may help you make your decision. Read More 

3 Possible Reasons Why Your Teeth Have Become Sensitive

11 November 2018
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For many people, one's teeth can seem to be perfectly fine one day only to suddenly start becoming sensitive for no apparent reason. If you're suddenly experiencing tooth sensitivity, here are three of the most likely culprits. 1. Cavity Cavities - even little ones - are one of the biggest causes of tooth sensitivity. When you develop a cavity, a hole forms in the tooth that goes deeper the longer it's allowed to exist. Read More 

What Is Cosmetic Gum Surgery?

16 October 2018
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If you have uneven or overhanging gums, you could visit a cosmetic dentist to have this problem fixed. To fix gum issues like this, dentists often use cosmetic gum surgery. This type of surgery is highly effective for improving the looks of a person's teeth, mouth, and gums. Here are several things you should know about cosmetic gum surgery if you think this may help you. What problems does gum surgery help with? Read More 

Time for Your Child to Have Their First Dental Appointment? What You Should Look for in a Dentist and the Lobby

27 September 2018
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It is important that a child learns how to properly care for their teeth early in life. This will increase the chances of them taking good care of their teeth when they get older. If it is time for your child to start their dental care, you need to find the right dentist. Below are some things you should look for in the dentist, as well as the dental lobby. Read More 

Men With Lingering Bad Breath? Relieve It With This Information

27 August 2018
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If you suffer from severe bad breath that won't go away no matter what you do, you're not alone. Bad breath (halitosis) can affect just about anyone, including men of all ages. If you're very concerned about your breath, keep reading. Learn why you have lingering bad breath and how you can relieve it below. Why Does Your Bad Breath Linger? If you're a relatively healthy male, you may be baffled about your bad breath. Read More