Men With Lingering Bad Breath? Relieve It With This Information

27 August 2018
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If you suffer from severe bad breath that won't go away no matter what you do, you're not alone. Bad breath (halitosis) can affect just about anyone, including men of all ages. If you're very concerned about your breath, keep reading. Learn why you have lingering bad breath and how you can relieve it below.

Why Does Your Bad Breath Linger?

If you're a relatively healthy male, you may be baffled about your bad breath. But unfortunately, even the healthiest men can experience halitosis at some point in their lives. Knowing why you suffer from such bad smelling breath can help you treat it. 

Halitosis develops from a great number of things, including poor oral hygiene, smoking, and even snoring. These habits can decrease the amount of saliva (liquid) in your mouth. Not only does saliva makes it easier to swallow food, but it also controls the growth of bacteria in your mouth. Large numbers of bacteria can give off pungent odors as they feed on the particles of food in your mouth. 

Your health may also affect your breath. Even if you eat right and take good care of your mouth and body, some health and dental conditions can sneak up on you, including tonsil stones. Tonsil stones (tonsoliths) are tiny hard-like growths that develop on the surfaces of your tonsils. The calcified growths can break free from your tonsils and stick to your tongue. Over time, tonsil stones can collect bacteria and smell.

Your bad breath will continue to linger until you do something about it. 

How Do You Alleviate Your Bad Breath? 

The first thing you want to do is clean your tongue with a tongue scraper or the soft bristles of your toothbrush. The surface of your tongue is delicate so use care when you clean it. Be sure to rinse your mouth with antiseptic rinse as well.

Next, take a piece of floss and clean between your teeth. Floss helps remove any plaque and fine particles of food you might miss with your toothbrush. Rinse your mouth with warm or cool water to help flush away debris.

If the odor in your mouth continues, see a dental hygienist for care. A hygienist can clean your teeth and tongue with professional dental tools. A dental hygienist, or their dentist, can also examine the surfaces of your tonsils for any signs of stones. If you have tonsoliths or something else wrong with your tonsils, dental personnel will take steps to treat you.

Finally, keep your mouth hydrated with sugar-free beverages, water, and tea. You want to increase the moisture in your mouth as much as you can. If you have problems with dry mouth, speak to a hygienist or dentist right away.

To learn more about your lingering bad breath or how to treat it effectively, contact a dental provider today.