Time for Your Child to Have Their First Dental Appointment? What You Should Look for in a Dentist and the Lobby

27 September 2018
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It is important that a child learns how to properly care for their teeth early in life. This will increase the chances of them taking good care of their teeth when they get older. If it is time for your child to start their dental care, you need to find the right dentist. Below are some things you should look for in the dentist, as well as the dental lobby.

The Dentist

The dentist is one of the first things to consider. A pediatric dentist would work best. This type of dentist is knowledgeable on how to treat children. For example, the dentist will know of strategies to use to help a child feel calmer. A pediatric dentist also understands how to talk to children when it comes to their dental care. Talking on their level is important for your child to understand. If your child has a good understanding of the procedure they are about to have, such as a dental cleaning, they wil feel better becuase her or she will know what to expect.

Your child should feel comfortable with the dentist you choose. To ensure this take your child to the dentist office and let them meet the dentist, as well as the staff. Ask the dentist to talk to them about what they are going to do.

The Lobby

The lobby at the dentist office should be fun. For example, there should be toys to play with. Some pediatric dentist offices also have video games.

The pediatric dentist office may have smaller play dentist chairs in the lobby. This way the kids could sit in them so they how it feels. The dentist lobby may have dental tools like they have in the room. The kids can look at them and play with them. That way when they see the tools in the room they won't be surprised.

Books may be in the lobby also. If so, these books should be about visiting a dentist. There should be books for all ages. For example, there may be picture books for kids that are way below the reading level. If your child is that young make up a story as you go through the book, such as a child first visiting a dentist and make the story fun.

Once your child gets done with the first dental visit they should feel much better when they go for their second visit.