5 Things You May Not Know About Dental Implants

18 March 2019
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One dental procedure that can be used to fix a missing tooth is a dental implant. However, there are a lot of things that you likely do not know about it. Here are 5 facts about implants that help you appreciate this modern marvel of dentistry. A Dental Implant Post Is Made With Titanium While your dentist may say that they will be putting a post made of metal into your jawbone for a dental implant, that post is actually made of titanium specifically. Read More 

Three Reasons Why You Are Instructed To Brush Your Teeth Prior To Whitening

13 February 2019
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So, whether you bought a teeth whitening kit from the store or you opted to have your dentist whiten your teeth, you are probably going to read or hear the same instructions. That set of instructions will include "Brush your teeth before whitening." You may be wondering, "If you have your teeth whitened, why on Earth would you brush before whitening?" Well, actually, once you know the reasons why, it makes complete sense. Read More 

When You Have A Hot Tooth It’s Time For Emergency Dental Care

18 January 2019
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A hot tooth is one in which the pulp within becomes inflamed and infected. This is a very painful condition, and one that requires emergency treatment in order to relieve the symptoms. in general, a person with a hot tooth will go to almost any length to stop the tooth pain. Symptoms can come on fast, and the pain can break through some of the strongest pain medications. Pulpitis, or inflammation of the pulp within the tooth, is often irreversible when a tooth is described as hot. Read More 

Is A Root Canal Right For You?

20 December 2018
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If you have a cavity that has been filled before and possibly more than once, it may be time to do something about that tooth. Your dentist is the best one to make the decision on what you should do to your tooth. He may even give you alternative options. If you aren't sure what you should do, read on for some information that may help you make your decision. Read More 

3 Possible Reasons Why Your Teeth Have Become Sensitive

11 November 2018
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For many people, one's teeth can seem to be perfectly fine one day only to suddenly start becoming sensitive for no apparent reason. If you're suddenly experiencing tooth sensitivity, here are three of the most likely culprits. 1. Cavity Cavities - even little ones - are one of the biggest causes of tooth sensitivity. When you develop a cavity, a hole forms in the tooth that goes deeper the longer it's allowed to exist. Read More