Is A Root Canal Right For You?

20 December 2018
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If you have a cavity that has been filled before and possibly more than once, it may be time to do something about that tooth. Your dentist is the best one to make the decision on what you should do to your tooth. He may even give you alternative options. If you aren't sure what you should do, read on for some information that may help you make your decision.

Is Your Existing Teeth In Good Health?

If your teeth surrounding your injured tooth are also in bad shape, a root canal may repair that one tooth, but the others may also need some work. If this is the case, you can consider having the tooth pulled instead, as well as the others and have either dental implants, a bridge or dentures put in place instead. If only your injured tooth is in bad shape, then having a root canal may be in your best interest. You'll only have work done to the one tooth that is in bad shape, and will get to keep the tooth without any extra procedures.

Do You Have Dental Insurance?

Having dental implants, dentures or a bridge can all be expensive procedures to have done. These require not just one visit to the dentist, it is going to require multiple visits. If you aren't prepared to pay for these procedures, then having a root canal is a better option. It is also costly, but doesn't require as many visits to the dentist and isn't nearly as costly as the other procedures.

Do You Have Good Oral Health?

If you don't have good oral health, your other teeth may soon be affected. A root canal is going to be good for the injured tooth, but the other teeth may soon need work as well. If you have issues with receding gums or issues with bone deterioration, then getting dentures may be a better option. If you do have good oral health and your dentist doesn't for-see any other issues with your teeth, then having just the root canal is the better option.

If your teeth are all still in good shape and your dentist doesn't see any issues going on with your teeth or gums, then have the root canal to fix your injured tooth. Keep your existing tooth and keep your same smile. Later down the road you may need other dental procedures, but if a dentist thinks they can wait, do so. Have the root canal so you aren't in pain any longer. Contact  a dentist, like Webster John B DDS, for more assistance.