Three Possible Reasons Why Your Teeth Hurt In The Morning

27 December 2021
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Waking up to pain isn't something that anyone wants, and waking up with a toothache is no exception. If you've noticed that your teeth seem to hurt when you get up for the day, there's a few possible common reasons for what may be behind it. If you're having one of the following problems, going to the dentist for assistance is a great idea. Grinding One common problem that can cause tooth pain in the morning is teeth grinding. Read More 

3 Signs You Need To See A Cosmetic Dentist

17 November 2021
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Everybody cares about their smile and their appearance. That's why most individuals with dental issues are cautious when smiling, especially in public settings. But all hope is not lost because cosmetic dentistry can help improve dental appearance and restore your smile. With that said, here are signs that you might need to visit a cosmetic dentist today.  1. Stained Teeth Teeth can get discolored for various reasons. Smoking is one of the main causes since tar and tobacco can stick on teeth, making them turn brown or yellow. Read More 

Why Periodontal Disease Should Be Taken Seriously

6 October 2021
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Periodontal disease, which is commonly referred to as gum disease, is a dental condition that can have harmful effects on your gums and teeth as well as other parts of your body. The condition is usually diagnosed during routine dental cleanings and checkups at a dentist's office. The appropriate periodontal disease treatment can stop the damaging effects of the condition and restore your gums to a healthier state. Causes Failing to brush and floss the teeth and clean the gums properly is the leading cause of periodontal disease, and a dentist or dental hygienist can inform you of better ways to maintain good oral hygiene and may even recommend switching the type of toothbrush and toothpaste that you use. Read More 

Professional Teeth Whitening: Is It Worth It?

25 August 2021
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With so many over-the-counter teeth whitening products, it's easy to see why some would question whether professional teeth whitening is worth it or not. Over-the-counter products are cheaper than professional teeth whitening, and you can do it at home.  Some of these whitening products are said to be almost as good as professional products, which is why some opt for the quicker and cheaper option. However, as you'll learn in this article, professional teeth whitening is better. Read More 

Types Of Orthognathic Surgery

8 June 2021
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Orthognathic surgeries can help correct dental conditions that include TMJ syndrome, misalignment, and sleep apnea, which usually alter your jaw and facial structure. Generally, these dental conditions result in pain and problems during biting and chewing. Orthodontic procedures such as Invisalign or braces installation can't treat these conditions. Hence, orthognathic surgery is the best treatment approach. There are various orthognathic operations, but the choice of procedure depends on the jaw issue that needs correction. Read More