Dental Implant Gum Incision Types To Understand

27 April 2017
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Dental implants require your dentist to gain direct access to your jaw bone so a hole can be created and an implant root can be added to the bone. Before the bone can be revealed, gum tissues must be cut away. You may wonder exactly how this is done to reduce tissue damage. Well, gum cutting may occur in a few different ways. Keep reading to learn about the techniques. Read More 

Three Things To Know About Having An Extra Tooth Removed From The Roof Of Your Mouth As An Adult

26 April 2017
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There are many adults who have extra teeth in their mouths that have been bothering them for decades. Having an extra tooth removed can be quite costly and if your family did not have the funds to have the tooth removed, you may have to wait until you can afford to have it removed as an adult. If you have an extra tooth growing in the roof of your mouth use the guide that follows to learn what to expect when having it removed. Read More 

Preparing For Wisdom Teeth Removal

24 April 2017
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Getting your wisdom teeth removed can be a quite the experience. You are most likely nervous because you have heard a lot of horror stories about people that have gotten their wisdom teeth removed and had bad side effects. The fact of the matter is that they need to be removed or they could cause you a lot of pain in the future, and can cause dental crowding. They have also been known to take straight teeth and make them crooked. Read More 

Looking Professional With Braces

17 April 2017
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If you work in a professional environment, you may not want everyone staring at your braces while they talk to you, especially if you spend the majority of your day interacting with clients. You need to maintain a professional image, and to do that, you need to make sure your braces don't stand out too much. Fortunately, you don't have to live with crooked teeth forever to maintain a professional look. Read More 

Help Your Teen Stick To Wearing A Retainer

11 April 2017
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After months of wires and brackets, the blessed day arrives. Your teen is finally able to good-bye to braces. But too many teens embrace this freedom too readily and they quickly  stop wearing their retainer. The retainer is an essential component of smile correction, and very soon after failing to wear it, the hard work done by the braces begins to fail as well. Because orthodontic procedures represent an investment, parents become concerned when they discover their teen has not been wearing the retainer as directed. Read More