2 Surprising Causes Of Tooth Discoloration

29 August 2017
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Brushing and flossing are simple steps recommended by your dentist to improve the look and health of your teeth. Unfortunately, you may still develop stains that alter the look of your smile while decreasing your overall self-esteem. While professional cleanings and whitening treatments can improve the color and brightness, prevention is your best weapon against tooth discoloration. Here are a few surprising causes of tooth discoloration. Swimming Whether you spend a few hours each day over the summer in the pool or you are a competitive swimmer, your teeth are at risk of severe tooth discoloration. Read More 

Understanding Wisdom Teeth And Why They Are Removed

2 August 2017
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If you have recently had a general check up with your dental professional and have learned that you need to have your wisdom teeth pulled out, then you may be wondering exactly why these teeth are removed in the vast majority of cases. After all, if they are a normal part of the growing process, then it seems odd that the teeth would need to be extracted. If this is confusing to you, then keep reading to learn a bit more about the wisdom teeth. Read More 

Tips for Reducing Dental Pain While at a Theme Park

17 July 2017
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Dental pain is never fun, but it is especially miserable when it happens during a day with your family at a theme park. If dental pain strikes and you don't want to leave the park for the day to visit a dentist, then you can follow each of these tips to get you through the rest of the day in as much comfort as possible: Tip: Visit a Gift Shop and Purchase Some Supplies Read More 

Do You Think It Would Be Neat To Have A Tooth Tattoo?

8 June 2017
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Tattoos, piercings, and other body modifications have become extremely popular in recent days, and the lengths people will go to in order to show off unique body art is sometimes extreme. There are even people who tattoo the inside of their mouth and the whites of their eyes! The popularity of body art has led some people to become interested in the possibility of having tattoos put on their teeth. If this sounds like something that you may like to do then you want to read this article. Read More 

How Dental Implants Improve How People Perceive You

23 May 2017
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Dental implants can effectively, safely, and permanently replace missing teeth. While this adds plenty of benefits to the user in their ability to speak and eat more easily, it can also change the attitudes of those around you. If you're thinking about getting dental implants to replace missing teeth, read on to learn how doing so can positively influence your appearance to others. Restoring Missing Teeth Obviously, the main benefit of getting dental implants is that they replace the look and effectiveness of missing teeth. Read More