Some Things You Want To Know About Dental Implants If You Are Facing Tooth Extraction

9 January 2023
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


If you are going to have a tooth extracted, you may be feeling overwhelmed at the idea of losing one of your teeth. However, know that there are ways of replacing that tooth that will leave you with something that looks and feels natural. One of the best options for a tooth replacement is to have a dental implant put in. This article will go over some information you should know about a dental implant when you are considering one. 

A dental implant is permanently affixed to the healthy jawbone

One of the reasons why dental implants work out so well is because they are permanently attached to your actual jawbone. This is what makes them the closest thing to a natural tooth that you could choose to replace your tooth with. If your jawbone isn't healthy, then this doesn't necessarily rule you out as a candidate for a dental implant. The dentist may be able to help your jawbone get to the point where it is strong enough for the implant. 

An implant will feel natural

When replacing a tooth with a dental implant, it will feel like a regular tooth after the implant procedure is complete. When you have your tooth replaced with something else, it can be bothersome because it can feel like a foreign object that doesn't belong. The implant will be made to look and feel like the tooth that was removed, using your other teeth as a guide to determine its size, shape, and color. This is why it will feel so right in your mouth. 

A dental implant is taken care of like all your other teeth

When it comes to learning how to care for your new dental implant, you don't have to worry. You will take care of the dental implant the same way you do all your natural teeth. You will also be able to get back to eating all the foods you like, whereas some other tooth replacement options may require you to cut out some of your favorites that are hard or sticky. 


The dental implant will be able to give you back a tooth and make it seem as if you never had yours extracted. When you realize that a dental implant is going to give you the next best thing to a natural tooth, it may become a lot easier for you to make a decision.