Why Do Dental Cleanings Make Your Teeth Feel So Much Better Than Brushing At Home?

14 February 2022
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Anyone who has ever had their teeth cleaned professionally has run their tongue over their teeth at least once. Teeth always feel slick and clean after a professional cleaning, and the sensation can be enjoyable. But what is it about getting your teeth cleaned in a dentist's chair that's so much better than how your teeth feel at home? If you're curious about this and are wondering if there's some way to get the same result at home, then read on. 

Toothbrushing Doesn't Catch Everything

Brushing and flossing your teeth are essential to keeping them healthy and cavity-free. However, with that being said, the likelihood that you're getting every speck of plaque and bacteria out of your mouth when you brush is unlikely.

Many people focus too little on certain hard-to-reach areas of their mouth, like behind the molars. Unfortunately, any bit of plaque that's left behind can start making the teeth feel less than perfect. While there are tools to help you to brush more efficiently, a toothbrush simply can't clear away things the same way that a professional brush and their special polishing paste can.

Tartar Development

Another thing to consider here is what happens to that plaque that's left behind. Plaque can feel sticky and gross on teeth, but when it hardens, it becomes tartar. This is usually the thing that makes teeth feel less than their best even after a thorough dental brushing.

Dental tartar, unlike plaque, can't be cleared away at home at all. Once it's developed on your teeth, it's there to stay until you have your next professional dental cleaning. Tartar tends to feel a bit rough, which means that you won't get that slick and clean feeling anymore once it develops.

Seeing a dentist is about more than making sure that you have a good-looking smile. Tartar and plaque can rapidly change the condition of your teeth and gums, which is why it's so important for you to maintain a regular appointment schedule for you and your family at your local dentist's office. Getting your teeth cleaned as often as your dentist personally recommends for you will help your teeth and gums to stay healthy and will get rid of tartar before it can cause things like cavities and gum disease. If your family hasn't been to the dentist's office recently, the best time to make an appointment is now, so don't wait any longer.

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