What You Can Expect During An Invisalign Consultation

8 November 2019
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Invisible, removable braces require a visit to a dentist who can order the braces for you and formulate a treatment plan based on the current arrangement of your teeth. If your dentist offers these braces, which are often referred to as Invisalign braces, you can schedule an Invisalign consultation with that dentist. Your consultation for these braces will go something like the following. 

The Dentist/Orthodontist Takes X-rays of Your Teeth

This part is easier if your dentist is the one doing the consultation because he/she already has X-rays of your teeth. If your dentist is not doing the consultation, then the dentist or orthodontist to whom you were referred will either need copies of your X-rays from your dentist or your permission to take another set of X-rays. These X-rays will show the dentist/orthodontist how crooked and crowded or poorly spaced your teeth are and help the dentist/orthodontist develop a treatment plan. 

The Dentist/Orthodontist Will Discuss the Treatment Plan and How the Braces Work with You

The next part of the consultation is a Q&A with the dentist/orthodontist. He/she will discuss with you how these braces work, the restrictions involved, oral health care and hygiene, and the cost of your specific treatment plan. You will be allowed to ask any questions you have about these braces and the treatment plan itself. If you still want to proceed, then the next step is to get a mold of your teeth. 

Moving Forward with the Plan and Taking a Mold of Your Teeth

If you decide to go ahead and get these braces, the next step is the mold of your teeth. Your dentist/orthodontist needs the mold in order to make the various sets of invisible, removable braces. Based on the mold, the dentist/orthodontist makes several sets of clear braces that will gradually push and maneuver your teeth slowly into their corrected positions. You will need to swap out these braces every few weeks until the treatment plan is complete. Your dentist/orthodontist will want to check your progress at least once a month until the treatment is complete. 

Returning to Get Your First Set of Braces

After the mold is taken of your teeth, you are free to go. The dentist/orthodontist will not have your first set of braces for a few days to a week. There may be a few extra sets to pick up with your first set, depending on how many initial sets in your treatment plan the dentist/orthodontist has made/has ready.