Your Dental Crowns: When To Call Your Dentist About Them

2 September 2019
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


With good care and a bit of luck, along with a great dental history, your dental crowns can last a long time. However, some factors get in the way of healthy dental crowns, so you want to make sure you do all you can to keep them in great condition.

Since dental crowns are used to help preserve your smile, if they begin to fail in any way, you need to let your dentist know right away. Here are signs you need to call your dentist about your dental crowns.

Your crowns feel loose or are chipping

Are your crowns feeling loose, chipping, or otherwise causing you dental distress? Even if your dental crowns do not cause you any physical pain, which is often the case, you need to have your dental condition looked at by your dentist. You may have a weakened dental crown that can eventually fail, causing your mouth to feel sore and even more in distress than before you go the dental work done.

You need to get the dental work done for a few reasons: first, your oral health is important and you don't want to ruin your teeth more by not taking care of the dental issue you have with your crowns in the first place. Secondly, failing to address your loose or chipped dental crown will cause the fixture to fail completely, causing even more dental work to be needed that can also be costly to repair.

Your crowns are causing your teeth to hurt

Are you experiencing any dental pain from your crowns? They may be causing pain because they are making your teeth feel crowded, there is some debris stuck inside a loose or older crown, or you have new dental decay around the crown area that needs to be addressed. Dental pain is something you should not ignore, especially if the pain persists or worsens with time.

If your teeth only hurt near or inside the area where the dental crowns sit, then the fixtures may be to blame entirely. Your dentist will give you an oral exam as well as possibly do X-rays to determine what the best course of action is to repair your dental issue. If you do need to repair or replace any dental crowns you have, your dentist will speak to you about your options. As always, make sure to see your dentist as recommended to keep your oral health in check.