When You Have A Hot Tooth It's Time For Emergency Dental Care

18 January 2019
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A hot tooth is one in which the pulp within becomes inflamed and infected. This is a very painful condition, and one that requires emergency treatment in order to relieve the symptoms. in general, a person with a hot tooth will go to almost any length to stop the tooth pain. Symptoms can come on fast, and the pain can break through some of the strongest pain medications. Pulpitis, or inflammation of the pulp within the tooth, is often irreversible when a tooth is described as hot. The treatment is either pulling the tooth or performing a root canal when the pulpitis is irreversible.

The Pain of Irreversible Pulpitis

When the pulp within your tooth is completely inflamed, the pain can be excruciating. You won't have any question in your mind that your tooth is hot. Over the counter pain medications are unlikely to work, and you will find yourself looking for an emergency dentist. Your jaw may feel hot to the touch and you may struggle to drink anything that isn't room temperature. If a tooth is sensitive to hot or cold, it may be developing pulpitis and it's important to seek treatment right away.

How a Root Canal Helps

When the pulp within your tooth can't be save, a root canal can still save the structure of your tooth. The pulp within your tooth will be removed and any infection managed. The nerve within your tooth will be removed, and the pain in your tooth will stop. The tooth will then be filled and closed back up again, much like when you have a cavity filled. With no nerve in your tooth and no pulp, you will no longer be able to feel pain in that area.

When Pulling Is An Option

For some individuals, a trip to the emergency dentist means pulling the tooth in question. If the tooth can't be saved with a root canal, a dentist will recommend pulling the tooth. While pulling your tooth will leave a space in your mouth, this is sometimes the only option. Once the tooth is gone, it won't cause you any more pain.

If you have a tooth removed at an emergency dentist, you have options later on. You can get a dental implant, or have your dentist use a bridge to give you a full set of teeth. When you are in pain in your mouth, visit an emergency dentist right away to see what can be done to help your tooth.