Dental Implants And Loosening: Get Answers To The Questions You Have

20 October 2017
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If you have recently had one or more dental implants placed into your mouth, you will be told that you will need to make an appointment promptly if the implant become loose. This may leave you wondering how an implant loosens, why an appointment is needed right away and how the implant will be fixed. Here are a few of the questions you have and the answers to these questions. 

What Are the Reasons an Implant Loosens?

A dental implant can loosen for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons the implant may loosen is because it didn't properly heal or take after being implanted. Another reason why a dental implant may loosen is because you have bit down on a hard object. When you bit down on a hard object with your teeth, your real teeth may crack. But implants don't have that same give, and instead, they may loosen. The last reason that dental implants may loosen is due to blows to the face. If you play sports and get hit in the face or are involved in a car accident, your implant can loosen, just like real teeth. 

Why Do You Need to See a Dentist Quickly After an Implant Loosens? 

If a dental implant loosens, it is important to obtain dental care quickly. While it is not an emergency situation, you should call your dentist as quickly as possible during their normal business hours. If your dental implant is loose, germs and bacteria can enter near the post site, or the post that the tooth portion of the implant is adhered to. Getting dental treatment quickly helps to reduce your risk for infection. 

How Can a Loose Implant Be Fixed? 

A dental implant is made up of two different parts. The first is a post, also called an anchor or screw. This is the portion that is implanted into your jaw. The second piece is the false tooth. This tooth is secured onto the post. If the tooth portion of the implant is loose, it can be tightened up, or a new tooth may need to be made. If the post or anchor is loose, there is no way to fix it. The anchor will have to be removed and a new one will have to be implanted.

An implant should be secure inside of your mouth. It should not wiggle or move at any time, including while eating. If your dental implant is loose, you will want to schedule an appointment with your dentist right away. The longer you wait, the more at risk for infection you become. Contact a dentist, like Aaron G Birch, DDS PC, for more help.