How Dental Implants Improve How People Perceive You

23 May 2017
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Dental implants can effectively, safely, and permanently replace missing teeth. While this adds plenty of benefits to the user in their ability to speak and eat more easily, it can also change the attitudes of those around you. If you're thinking about getting dental implants to replace missing teeth, read on to learn how doing so can positively influence your appearance to others.

Restoring Missing Teeth

Obviously, the main benefit of getting dental implants is that they replace the look and effectiveness of missing teeth. However, this can have an unexpectedly positive benefit on how others perceive you.

One study discovered how missing teeth impact how others see the person with one or more missing teeth. The study found that people with missing teeth were perceived to have a lower intelligence level or were generally seen as unhealthy by others. While these perceptions are unfair and not a good way of evaluating others, it didn't change the fact that people had those reactions. Getting your missing teeth replaced can help to prevent anyone from feeling that way about you.

Healthy Teeth

Dental implants not only replace your missing teeth, but are designed to remain a permanent and healthy white color. The color of one's teeth can have a big impact on how others feel about them. One study found that people who had whiter-looking teeth were perceived to be more confident and trustworthy, and had better chances of succeeding at work. Since dental implants don't stain and discolor the way normal teeth do, your dental implants will always look as good as the day they're installed and will benefit your overall appearance.

Reducing a Jowly Appearance

Lastly, if you've been missing your teeth for a while or are simply getting older, you may be developing a jowly appearance through the jaw and neck areas. Dental implants can help to reverse this appearance by strengthening your jaw.

Dental implants strengthen the jaw by transmitting the pressure from your bite into the jaw bone, encouraging it to replace old cells and to grow stronger. When teeth have been missing for a long time, jaw bones tend to weaken, doing a poorer job of holding up the skin. Old age can also increase your risk of weaker bones, so dental implants are a good idea in either case.

Dental implants provide form and function to your ability to bite, eat, and speak, but they can also improve your overall appearance. If you're worried about how others perceive you due to your missing teeth, consider dental implants. For more information, visit a dentist like Samuel D Knight, DDS.