Three Things To Know About Having An Extra Tooth Removed From The Roof Of Your Mouth As An Adult

26 April 2017
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There are many adults who have extra teeth in their mouths that have been bothering them for decades. Having an extra tooth removed can be quite costly and if your family did not have the funds to have the tooth removed, you may have to wait until you can afford to have it removed as an adult. If you have an extra tooth growing in the roof of your mouth use the guide that follows to learn what to expect when having it removed.

The Tooth Cannot Simply Be Pulled Out

A tooth growing in the roof of your mouth cannot simply be extracted with a pair of dental pliers because it could cause damage to your mouth or even your nasal cavities forever. Many people do not realize that their nasal cavities are very close to their mouth and when extracting a tooth, there are times when the roots of the tooth can go all the way up the nasal cavities. Simply pulling the tooth out could cause a hole to be created directly into the nasal cavities and create a totally different problem very quickly.

Evaluations Will Need to be Made

You will not be able to go in to see a dentist and have the tooth removed the same day. Evaluations will need to be made by a dentist to determine the best approach to take to remove the tooth. They will need to take x-rays and evaluate the root of the tooth to determine where it ends to ensure that it will not cause damage to your nasal cavities when it is removed.

You May Not Need to be Awake During the Procedure

There are some dentists who are able to perform this type of surgery while the patient is completely sedated. If you are someone who is fearful of surgeries, you may want to find out if this is a viable option for you before booking the surgery. If the dentist cannot sedate you fully, they may be able to prescribe you a medication that can calm some of your anxiety to make it easier for you to go through the procedure.

It will take time for the area to heal after the tooth is removed. The dentist will give you specific directions to follow to ensure that the hole heals properly. Do not smoke after the tooth is removed because it can make it difficult for blood to clot and could cause the area to become infected. Click here for info about general dentistry.