Are Flexible Dental Partials An Option For You?

8 March 2017
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If you are only missing one or a few teeth, a denture partial may be a good option to improve your smile. In the past, it was thought that partial dentures were rigid and uncomfortable. This is because they were made with a hard metal base that was not at all flexible. This cannot only lead to some discomfort, but it is also not as natural looking. Flexible denture partials are a much more ideal option. They are more comfortable, conform to your teeth, and can adapt to the movements made by your mouth. The following are three benefits to getting a flexible denture partial:

It Is Extremely Durable

Traditional partials use metal to help them remain strong and clasp onto the other teeth in your mouth in order to stay in place. However, most of the denture is acrylic and apt to become damaged. Acrylic is a hard plastic substance that can become brittle over time. If you bite down too hard on something, you could risk having a broken partial.

Flexible denture partials are made from nylon. They are very strong and virtually unbreakable. You can bite down on almost anything and you will not break them. They are very soft, so you do have to be more careful when cleaning them. You will only need to wash them with a soft cloth so that you do not damage the surface.

They Are More Comfortable

Another benefit is the comfort level provided by flexible denture partials. They have some give to them and provide some elasticity. It almost feels like a cushion in your mouth. It does not scrape your gums or the inside of your mouth like traditional partials can. It is much more comfortable when putting it into place as well.

It Is Very Adaptable To The Rest Of Your Teeth

Because flexible dental partials do not require any metal clasps to keep them in the mouth, they appear to be almost invisible. The nylon material can stretch over a tooth and hold itself in place once it is in position. It looks much more natural along with the rest of the teeth in your mouth.

Getting any type of denture can feel overwhelming, but the increased technology in the dental field has made wearing any type of false orthodontia much easier. If you are curious if flexible denture partials are for you, be sure to visit your dentist for a consultation. Contact a clinic like Trussville Dentistry to learn more.