Men With Lingering Bad Breath? Relieve It With This Information

27 August 2018
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If you suffer from severe bad breath that won't go away no matter what you do, you're not alone. Bad breath (halitosis) can affect just about anyone, including men of all ages. If you're very concerned about your breath, keep reading. Learn why you have lingering bad breath and how you can relieve it below. Why Does Your Bad Breath Linger? If you're a relatively healthy male, you may be baffled about your bad breath. Read More 

Children And Dental Abscesses

4 August 2018
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Your child can suffer from all of the dental problems that adults can get, including tooth abscesses. Also, like adults, these abscesses are extremely painful, but completely preventable and treatable. Since having a tooth abscess can be miserable, especially to a young child, you'll want to make sure one never forms. Here is more information about what abscess are, how children get them, and their treatment. What are Dental Abscesses? Read More 

Top 3 Health Reasons To Get Regular Dental Cleanings

4 July 2018
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Getting a routine dental cleaning and exam isn't simply about keeping your pearly whites healthy. Your dentist is part of your overall health and wellness team. It's their job to check for red flags, and warning signs of chronic diseases, just like your primary care physician (PCP) does for you. Read on to learn about the top three health reasons you should keep up with your dental cleanings.  1. Diabetes Detection Read More 

Have A Dull Chronic Pain In Your Tooth And Gum Line? What To Know Now

6 June 2018
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If you are dealing with some dull pain and sensitivity in your mouth in a tooth and around the gum line and you aren't sure what is causing the pain, you want to see a dentist. There are many minor aches and pains that can occur when you get food caught between the teeth, or you bite on something sharp or hard, but consistent pain indicates that there is a problem. Read More 

5 Reasons For Getting Dental Implants

4 May 2018
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Are you tired of living without a full set of teeth? If so,  it may be time to consider the numerous advantages of getting dental implants. Replacing teeth that are missing for any reason can allow you to live better and feel better in the process. Being aware of the top ways this dental process can help you is sure to be ideal.  Reason #1: Avoid other teeth shifting The last thing you'll want to do is have issues with your remaining teeth. Read More