New Parents FAQ: 5 Things You Need To Know

2 October 2014
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The days after your first child is born are filled with plenty of excitement and joy. However, they're also filled with their fair share of anxiety: how do you know if you're doing it right? While parenthood is a learning process, these five answers to frequently asked questions can help you sleep (metaphorically speaking) at night. 1. Is Your Baby Eating Enough? Many breastfeeding moms worry that they're babies aren't getting enough to eat. Read More 

Going To A Childrens Dentist In Charlotte

8 January 2014
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Children do not always enjoy going to the dentist. While going to a dentist might be necessary for maintaining healthy teeth, children do not always grasp that they must do something because it is necessary. Instead, they are much more likely to do, or to not do, something based on the entertainment that the activity has to offer. Rarely, if ever, do people describe going to the dentist as fun. In fact, a much more common adjective for describing a dentist's office is painful. Read More