Treating Your Orthodontic Issues

9 June 2022
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Correcting cosmetic dental problems can be a major priority for you. Depending on the severity of your problem, the use of clear aligners may be able to shift your teeth into the correct position so that your smile can be restored. While these aligners can be a discrete and effective orthodontic option, patients will still want to be prepared for this process so that they can follow the best practices.

Wear The Aligners As Much As Possible

An attractive feature of clear aligners is that they are designed so a patient will be able to remove them as needed. This can be useful when a person is not wanting to wear these aligners in certain social situations. However, a person should still make an effort to wear these aligners as much as possible. This can help to reduce the total amount of treatment time that is needed to achieve the desired results. It can also have the benefit of helping patients to adapt to the sensation of wearing these aligners, which can make them more comfortable.

Protect Your Aligners Against Warping And Cracking

Whenever you are not wearing your aligners, they need to be protected. While these aligners are made to be as durable as possible, they can still suffer warping and cracking if they are not properly stored. When you first receive these aligners, you will be given a storage case so these devices can be kept safe when they are not being used. In addition to being diligent about storing these aligners in these cases, you will also need to make an effort to keep this case as clean as possible. This will require the aligners to be thoroughly cleaned before going into this case, and the case itself should be sanitized at regular intervals to neutralize any bacteria that may be in it.

Stay Up To Date With Your Follow-Up Visits

Over the course of your orthodontic treatments, you will need to attend regular follow-up visits with the orthodontist. These visits are designed to allow these professionals to assess the progress of your treatments. Eventually, the retainers will need to be adjusted so that they can continue shifting the teeth. Failing to undergo these assessments can cause these treatments to take far longer to achieve the results you want. While these regular visits are important, most individuals may only need to undergo them every month or two, which can reduce the difficulties of finding the time for these sessions.

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