5 Possible Causes Of Tooth Sensitivity To Sugar

8 June 2021
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Is your sweet tooth beginning to cause you dental pain? You are probably curious to find out what is causing your pain. Some of the most common offenders when it comes to tooth pain and sugar are gummy sweets, chocolate and hard candies. If these types of sweets are leaving you in agony after eating them, then you need to discover the cause of the tooth pain.

The following reasons are some of the most common in regards to tooth pain and sensitivity while eating sugary treats.

1. Overzealous Tooth Whitening

If you whiten your teeth at home, you need to take care not to overdo it. Whitening opens the pores in tooth enamel, which leaves your teeth temporarily exposed to irritants like sugar and acid. If you whiten your teeth too much, you can permanently damage them. Follow the instructions when whitening your teeth at home to avoid damaging your tooth enamel.

2. Acid Erosion

If you enjoy sugary foods regularly, you need to maintain excellent oral hygiene and ensure you remain hydrated. When you eat sugary foods, the bacteria in your mouth break down those sugars, creating acid in the process. This acid gradually eats away at your enamel, leaving them at the mercy of irritants like sugar.

3. Receding Gums Due to Gum Disease or Trauma

Check your gums to see if they are receded. Overzealous brushing can damage gum tissue and cause it to recede. Gum disease also leads to gum recession. Gum disease is usually the result of poor diet and poor oral hygiene practices. The roots of your teeth are highly sensitive to elements like sugar, acid and temperature.

4. Worn Enamel

Enamel naturally thins as you age. This is due to natural wear and tear and acid erosion due to poor diet and oral hygiene. If your enamel is thin, sugar – and the acids that bacteria produce when they break down sugar – will penetrate your tooth enamel, leading to pain and sensitivity.

5. Tooth Decay

Tooth decay causes cavities to form in your teeth. These cavities weaken your tooth's natural defenses, leading to increased sensitivity.

Pain when eating sugary foods is usually an indicator that something is wrong in your mouth. If eating sugar causes you oral discomfort, book a dental checkup. You may have a dental condition that needs urgent treatment, and the sooner you treat the problem, the sooner you can enjoy sugary foods without pain again.

For more information, contact a dentist in your area.